People are becoming more aware of how important plants, trees, and green spaces are to their quality of life. By protecting against the harshness of your environment, greenery can significantly contribute to a healthier and a more wholesome community. Trees clean the air, reduce the urban heat island effect, reduce energy costs, conserve soil, and beautify neighborhoods. They make shopping districts more inviting, enhance residential and commercial property values, and reflect the pride we take in our communities.

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Support for the Pennsylvania Community Forests program comes from many partners including the DCNR Bureau of Forestry and USDA Forest Service, State & Private Forestry, Penn State University, and YOU.

TreDwtnTowPennsylvania Community Forests (PCF) is a nonprofit organization made up of all kinds of people who want to improve our community forests and green spaces. PCF guides a statewide program that provides technical and financial assistance for communities and volunteer groups.

Pennsylvania Community Forests Council serves as a vehicle for DCNR Bureau of Forestry andPenn State University (PSU) to accomplish various things that require the participation of an independant non-profit entity. We serve as a clearinghouse of information for the community and dispense such funds and grants as are made available to the organization.